How to Sell Guided Meditations Online – 5 Steps to Launch a Meditation Membership

Turning your website into a membership site is the easiest way to start selling guided meditations and music. Whether you’re a certified instructor or just have a passion for meditation, you can monetize your mindfulness content and grow your online community in just a few steps. In this post, we’ll walk through a proven, five-step process that successful meditation professionals use to sell their content. 

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Table of Contents

Step 1: Convert your website into a membership site

To start selling your guided meditations or music, you’ll need to start by turning your website into a membership site with a tool like MemberSpace. This will allow you to lock any page on your website and accept payments from customers. 

After installing MemberSpace (this only takes a few minutes!), customers will be able to sign up to access your meditations via a simple, customizable form. 

sell guided meditations and music form
Customize your signup form to gather information like name, email, address, or whatever information you'd like to collect from members.

Step 2: Upload your meditations to your site

Once you’ve converted your website to a membership site, it’s time to add your guided meditations and music to pages on your website. You can upload audio files, videos, or whatever format you’d like. 

If you plan on offering other resources to your members, like a private Facebook community, workshops and events, exclusive discounts, private coaching sessions, or newsletter, you can add all of that content to your site, as well. 

Everything on these members-only pages will be password protected so only paying members can access them. 

Soul Boost Meditation Membership
Soul Boost Meditation offers a membership that includes live guided meditations, a private Facebook group, workshops and events, and more.

Step 3: Lock your web pages for paying customers

To restrict access to your content, you’ll need to add the URLs for the pages that contain your guided meditation recordings and music. You can add each page one by one, or protect them en masse if you have several pages filed under the same category. For example, if you have you’ve added your recordings like this: and, simply add an asterisk to protect all pages under*. 

✨ Security Tip: For added security,  upload your meditation recordings to MemberSpace to protect the download link. This helps to ensure the recordings can only be accessed by customers who’ve purchased them directly. You can also add our extra security code to your protected page.

Step 4: Set up your pricing

After you’ve locked your website pages, you can set a price for your meditation recordings. Whether you want to set up subscription tiers or bundle your meditations for a one-time fee, the built-in Stripe integration handles payment processing and makes it easy to charge customers however you’d like. 

Here’s an example of how you might set up different membership tiers:

  • Free tier for a limited selection of meditations 
  • Premium tier for access to your full library of meditations and videos
  • A VIP tier for access to the full library of guided meditations, an online meditation course, and monthly livestreams
With MemberSpace, you can sell guided meditations and music for a one-time payent, or set up a subscription and charge members a recurring fee to access your content.

Step 5: Add your signup link to your site

When you’re ready to launch your guided meditations, you’ll grab the signup link from your MemberSpace account and add it to call-to-action buttons throughout your website, as well as email campaigns, social media posts, or wherever else you’d like to promote your recordings! 

Guided meditation signup link
When members click your signup link, a form will open requiring them to create an account and pay before they get access to your guided meditations.

Meditation Website Examples

For some visual inspiration, check out these meditation membership sites that sell guided mediations, music, online courses, workshops, and more. 

Final Thoughts

Turning  your passion into a profitable meditation business is simple, whether you want to sell a live meditation classes, on-demand videos, or a content library of audio meditations. With a tool like MemberSpace, you can add a membership paywall to your website in just a few steps and start monetizing your guided meditation videos, audio, and music. You can launch business today by signing up for a free trial!

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