MemberSpace and GDPR

As promised, we’ve been working hard to become GDPR compliant by the May 25th deadline. Part of that compliance was making sure you were able to be GDPR compliant in regards to your own members.

Here is what we’ve done so far:

  • You can request updates or deletion of you or your customer’s data (DSR) whenever you want.
  • We have a publicly available list of 3rd party sub-processors we share data with.
  • We launched an enhancement to our MailChimp integration so you can get explicit consent for people to join your email list via a new Sign Up Field called MailChimp List Checkbox.
  • If you are currently using our standard MailChimp integration to add folks to a marketing list you should switch to using our new MailChimp List Checkbox.
  • All of our employees/contractors are signing an NDA to keep you and your member’s data private and secure.
  • Our Terms & Policies will include a new Data Processing Agreement.
  • We are working on complying with Privacy Shield in the near future.

You can review all these details on our new Privacy page here: /privacy

Also, we have a new Privacy & GDPR section in our Help Center which contains articles explaining how you can become GDPR compliant for your members.