Feature Updates #49

New Feature – pay as you go pricing

For those of you out there who are more focused on one time payments and seasonal launches we now have a plan which may make more sense for your business model 🙂

We’re calling it the Pay As You Go Plan and it costs $30/month with a 3% transaction fee but includes unlimited paid members (and up to 100 free members) along with every other MemberSpace feature. You can read the full details of the plan here (be sure to click “Pay As You Go Plan” in the bottom right).

We also tweaked our other plans and added a larger discount for choosing an annual plan. Keep in mind, these new plans won’t affect you unless you choose to switch to one of them. If you do choose to switch, you won’t be able to switch back to any legacy plan you were on.

Bug Fix – sign up fee issue

For a short time, whenever someone tried to sign up for member plan that had a sign up fee, they would see a Stripe error and the payment wouldn’t go through 🙁 This issue is now fixed and your plans should be working like normal.

Bug Fix – when a member is denied they lose access immediately

Now whenever you choose to manually deny a current member, they will immediately lose access to any member pages or content links their member plan(s) granted them access to. Previously they had to be logged out first.