MemberSpace News: Summer 2023

🎉 New Features

Send email campaigns to your members

Easily communicate with members directly from your MemberSpace account with the new Member Messages! Email all members across all plans, or segment by specific plans.

No third-party email software required. This top-requested feature is now live in MemberSpace!

Send emails to members from MemberSpace with Member Messages

💪 Enhancements

Notification Emails: the new name for Member Emails

In addition to the ability to send one-off emails via Member Messages, we’ll continue to send various transactional Notification Emails (formerly “Member Emails”) to your members on your behalf. You can customize Notification Emails in the same spot within your MemberSpace backend as before: Customize > Notification Emails.

MemberSpace admin area refresh

Your MemberSpace admin area has a new look! With a sleek left sidebar navigation and best-practice UI, we’ve made it easier than ever to set up and manage your membership.

Create Account button enabled by default

By default, the Create Account button is now automatically enabled on the signup form for all new MemberSpace accounts. If you previously disabled the button in your MemberSpace account, your setup has not been affected by this update. Learn more about customizing the Create Account button.

Editing Recurring/Multiple Payment Plan coupons

When you create a Recurring/Multiple Payment Plan coupon, the max number of redemptions and the start/end settings are permanent. If you need to edit these details, simply disable the existing coupon and create a new one.

📚 Membership business resources

Membership business coaching

Join us each week for free membership business coaching — expert tips, tricks, and feedback to help build and grow your membership. 

Have a question specific to your membership business? Get expert feedback from our Membership Business Coach during a membership business coaching call.

Coaching calls are exclusive to MemberSpace customers.