21 Inspiring Newsletter Examples (and Why They Work) [2022]

Imagine this: It’s the middle of the day and you’re busy working through your long to-do list when you hear the ping of a new email that has popped up in your inbox. But this isn’t a request from a colleague, an update about a project you were working on, or even a promo for an upcoming sale — it’s a newsletter.

You immediately stop what you were doing and click on the email, excited to see what content awaits. Because this isn’t just any newsletter — this is the one newsletter you look forward to reading every week.

This newsletter always seems to know what you’re thinking. It shares insight into a topic you want to learn more about, provides an actionable solution, or simply puts a smile on your face and gives you a mid-week boost of motivation.

If you have a membership business, this is the experience a powerful newsletter can create for your members.

When done right, email newsletters can build community, increase brand loyalty, and ultimately help membership businesses meet their bottom line.

To inspire your own email newsletter strategy, let’s take a look at some of the best newsletter examples from brands across a variety of industries.

Table of Contents:

  • What Does A Good Newsletter Look Like?
  • Best Newsletter Examples
    • App Newsletter Examples
    • Ecommerce Newsletter Examples
    • Health and Fitness Newsletter Examples
    • Education Newsletter Examples
    • Real Estate Newsletter Examples
    • Business Newsletter Examples
    • Design Newsletter Examples
    • Blog Newsletter Examples
    • Paid Newsletter Examples

What Does a Good Newsletter Look Like?

There’s a reason some email newsletters always get opened and have impressive click-through rates — they’ve nailed down the top email newsletter best practices.

Here are a few newsletter best practices to follow if you want to create an effective email newsletter:

  • Engaging subject lines: The subject line is the determining factor in whether or not your email gets opened in the first place. The best newsletters invest as much effort into crafting the perfect subject line as they do with curating the content, and are continually testing and improving subject lines to see what resonates with readers.
  • Strong calls-to-action: Once subscribers have opened your email, what do you want them to do? Good newsletters make it clear what the subscriber’s next step should be.
  • Mobile-friendly: Constant Contact found that 60% of emails are opened on mobile phones and tablets. If you want to provide the best experience for a majority of readers, make sure your newsletter is optimized for mobile.
  • Engaging content: Give your subscribers a reason to click around by providing listicles, tips, or quizzes that they can engage with and find value in.
  • Visual design element: No one wants to read a wall of text, so make sure there’s an engaging visual design element somewhere in your newsletter.
  • Provides value: Your subscribers are part of your community. It’s your job to hone in on what they find value in and provide that through your email newsletter content.

The Best Newsletter Examples (And Why They Work)

So what do the best newsletters look like? Here are a few of our favorite newsletter examples and what works for them.

App Newsletter Examples

If you’re looking for inspiration for your web or mobile app newsletter, check these examples for inspiration.

1. DocuSign

DocuSign, a popular business tool, is anything but bland when it comes to newsletter content.

Here’s a great example of a DocuSign newsletter.

Subject Line: 5 questions every business should tackle this year

Why it Works

DocuSign’s email newsletter is a great example of how to structure engaging content. From featured blog posts to upcoming events, and even a customer case study, DocuSign offers a variety of content sections for its newsletter subscribers to scroll through and engage with.

2. Canva

Canva makes it easy for anyone to create their own graphic designs. The brand uses its email newsletters as an opportunity to communicate to its email list how easy it is to use the tool.

Here’s a great example of a Canva newsletter.

Subject Line: Did somebody say new Zoom virtual backgrounds?

Why it Works

This newsletter example from Canva provides value for those who receive it. Not only does it include tips on how to set up a new Zoom background, but the newsletter also shares background templates people can use right away.

3. Blank Street

Blank Street, a coffee app, makes it easy for people to order premium coffee drinks from one of its many coffee carts in New York City. The brand demonstrates this ease of use in its visual newsletter example.

Here’s a great example of a Blank Street newsletter.

Subject Line: Let the good energy in

Why it Works

Blank Street’s newsletter is highly visual. The colors and graphics are eye-popping and draw subscribers’ attention to the products they’re promoting. The newsletter is also actionable and makes it easy for subscribers to quickly order a drink that catches their eye by including a CTA to order through the app.

Ecommerce Newsletter Examples

If you’re looking for inspiration for your ecommerce newsletter, take note of what these top brands are doing right.

4. Etsy

Ecommerce marketplace Etsy is a source for all things handmade and consistently inspires its community to support handmade. In this newsletter example, Etsy stays true to its brand with an engaging seasonal newsletter.

Here’s a great example of an Etsy newsletter.

Subject Line: Naturally the best

Why it Works

In honor of spring, the newsletter focuses on nature and weaves those elements throughout the email, starting with the subject line to the headings (“see what’s been sprouting”) and even including a spotlight on an Etsy seller that makes ceramic plant pots.

By maintaining a consistent theme, as well curating products that fit the theme, the email keeps readers engaged and inspires them to take action, which in this case is to browse products and make a purchase.

5. Pineapple Collaborative

Pineapple Collaborative is a community and ecommerce brand that’s centered around food and women.

Here’s a great example of a Pineapple Collaborative newsletter.

Subject Line: “I’m speaking.” – us, rn, in your inbox ⚡

Why it Works

There are a few reasons why this email newsletter is effective. Not only is it visual and well-designed, but the content is tailored to its audience and gives them multiple opportunities to engage.

Health and Fitness Newsletter Examples

If you’re a subscriber of a health and fitness newsletter, you most likely expect to be inspired or informed. For example, if you subscribe to a fitness brand newsletter, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to feel inspired or motivated to get moving. Or, for health newsletters, subscribers want to stay informed about health-related topics.

6. Open

Open, a mindfulness, meditation, and yoga studio offers a great example of how to send a yoga newsletter that your members will actually find useful.

Here’s a great example of an Open newsletter.

Subject Line: Breathe, Meditate and Move with us.

Why it Works

From the subject line to the body of the email, this newsletter example from Open is actionable. Plus, the newsletter content is easily scannable which is ideal for mobile users.

By simply including the schedule for the week, this newsletter makes it easy for subscribers to sign up for a class. It’s clear that this fitness brand knows its audience. If you have a membership business, Open’s newsletter is a great example of a straightforward, actionable email to send to your community.

7. Ritual

Vitamin brand Ritual frequently sends out emails that provide value to its subscribers, whether in the form of educational content or promotional codes.

Here’s a great example of a Ritual newsletter.

Subject Line: What’s on your plate?

Why it Works

A study from Smart Insights found that the word “what” in the form of a question is one of the top-performing subject line phrases. This is the exact formula Ritual used for its engaging newsletter, in addition to its visually engaging structure.

Education Newsletter Examples

The education industry has a higher-than-average open rate of 33%. Take note of how these effective education newsletter examples grab subscribers’ attention and keep them engaged.

8. Flodesk

Email marketing platform Flodesk used an email newsletter (naturally) to announce the launch of its email marketing resources library, Flodesk University.

Here’s a great example of a Flodesk newsletter.

Subject Line: Flodesk University is LIVE!

Why it Works

This email generates excitement from the start with a timely subject line. It follows that up with enticing CTAs and engaging video previews that sum up what students will learn from the online courses.

9. Skillshare

For online learning platform Skillshare, educational content is at the center of everything it does, which means its audience expects value from its education newsletters.

Here’s a great example of a Skillshare newsletter.

Subject Line: Quiz: Find the Perfect Class for Your Mood

Why it Works

93% of marketers say that interactive content like quizzes is more effective at educating buyers compared to static content.

It’s hard to resist taking a quiz. This email newsletter format is a creative way to encourage readers to browse through Skillshare’s classes.

Real Estate Newsletter Examples

While those who subscribe to real estate newsletters expect certain types of content, like house listings or market data, make your newsletter stand out with interactive content or inspirational tips.

10. Trulia

One great real estate newsletter example comes from online real estate marketplace Trulia.

Here’s a great example of a Trulia newsletter.

Subject Line: Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo

Why it Works:

Interactive content encourages engagement. The “This or That” format of Trulia’s email prompts subscribers to participate in a voting exercise which directs them away from the email and to Trulia’s website, which could ultimately help boost traffic.

11. Compass

If you have a membership platform or a community, this real estate newsletter example from real estate brokerage Compass offers a great template to follow when you want to welcome new members.

Here’s a great example of a Compass newsletter.

Subject Line: Welcome to Compass

Why it Works

The clean design is easy to scan and offers quick links that new subscribers can access to get started or learn more.

12. Zillow

Zillow is a go-to source for home listings and market research in the real estate industry, and it’s clear the brand uses its credibility to distribute helpful content to its email newsletter subscribers.

Here’s a great example of a Zillow newsletter.

Subject Line: Check Out What’s Trending on Zillow Digs This Week

Why it Works

Trend round-ups are always a great way to position your brand as an industry expert as well as provide inspiration for subscribers. Zillow’s real estate newsletter is an example of how to provide content that your audience wants to read while communicating your brand’s expertise.

Business Newsletter Examples

Whether for the B2B or SaaS industry, your business newsletter doesn’t have to be boring. Keep your email list audience engaged with valuable content, strong visuals, and personalized tips.

13. Trello

Trello is a project management tool that regularly creates content around productivity, remote work, and managing a team.

Here’s a great example of a Trello newsletter.

Subject Line: Conduct better remote interviews

Why it Works

Trello not only curates valuable blog posts in its newsletter, but each one includes a strong CTA button with phrases that are much more engaging than “Read More” or “Learn More.”

14. Evernote

Note-taking app, Evernote isn’t afraid to get a little personal in this business newsletter example.

Here’s a great example of an Evernote newsletter.

Subject Line: What’s your organizational style? 🤔

Why it Works

Evernote’s newsletter is an example of valuable content that is audience focused. The newsletter calls out different organizational styles and offers tips for how each style can get the most out of the app.

15. Zendesk

SaaS company Zendesk has its own library of content that it regularly distributes through its email newsletter.

Here’s a great example of a Zendesk newsletter.

Subject Line: 5 sales process templates for building out your pipeline

Why it Works

Zendesk’s approach to email newsletters is focused on providing value. In this newsletter example, the company provides templates its subscribers can put to use right away.

Plus, the subject line lets subscribers know exactly what they can expect from the newsletter which can help increase the open rate.

Design Newsletter Examples

Subscribers to design newsletters expect strong visuals, eye-catching design, and bold text. Here are a couple design newsletter examples for inspiration.

16. Format

Format, a portfolio website platform for photographers, engages its community through a monthly newsletter. Based on the example below, it’s clear the brand has an eye for design just like its audience does.

Here’s a great example of a Format newsletter.

Subject Line: Share Your Work and Your Voice with Format

Why it Works

Format uses strong visuals to communicate with its audience of photographers who undoubtedly appreciate good design.

17. Hoefler and Co.

As a type foundry, the bar is set high for Hoefler and Co. to produce creative, design-driven emails — and the brand’s newsletter delivers.

Here’s a great example of a Hoefler and Co. newsletter.

Subject Line: Italics Examined

Why it Works

Hoefler and Co. uses its own fonts to illustrate the power of italics-style fonts. This is an engaging way to show off what the brand offers while giving readers a visual idea of how they can use the product.

The key takeaway? Show, don’t tell. Demonstrate how your members can use or benefit from your offering by sharing examples, client stories, or tutorials.

Blog Newsletter Examples

For media publications or businesses that produce a high volume of content, a newsletter often serves as a distribution channel for blog posts.

Blog newsletters should include a roundup of recent articles and feature a compelling subject line that gives subscribers a glimpse at what’s inside.

18. Domino

A great blog newsletter example comes from design publication Domino.

Here’s a great example of a Domino newsletter.

Subject Line: The peninsula in this kitchen reno only looks like marble

Why it Works

Domino’s newsletter is structured and branded like its publication which provides its dedicated readers with the same experience that they’d have on the website or when reading the magazine.

19. EmailOctopus

Another example of a blog-focused newsletter comes from EmailOctopus. The email marketing platform uses a newsletter approach to promote its latest blog posts.

Here’s a great example of an EmailOctopus newsletter.

Subject Line: How psychology can improve your emails

Why it Works

Instead of using a subject line such as “Our latest blog posts,” EmailOctopus used a headline from one of its blog posts to immediately capture subscribers’ attention. Once readers open the email, they’re given a preview in the introduction of which blog post topics they can expect to find in the newsletter.

If you have a blog, this newsletter is an example of how to engage your readers and provide value with the content.

If you’ve considered launching a paid membership platform but don’t know where to begin, a paid newsletter is a great starting point. If you want to build a community and eventually expand your paid membership business, here are a couple paid newsletter examples to get inspired by.

20. Christy Harrison

Another great newsletter example comes from Christy Harrison, an anti-diet registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor. In her weekly newsletter titled Food Psych Weekly, Christy answers readers’ questions around intuitive eating and diet culture. She takes a long-form approach to answer thoroughly and thoughtfully while positioning herself as an expert.

Here’s a great example of a Christy Harrison newsletter.

Subject Line: Will Intuitive Eating Make You Lose Weight?

Why it Works

Not only is this weekly newsletter consistent with Christy’s brand, but she positions the content around the members of her community by answering readers’ questions.

The newsletter also includes several relevant links to Christy’s website whether linking to an article or an online course she offers. This connects the newsletter to her membership platform and further solidifies her knowledge and credibility on the topic

21. Index

Index (formerly known as XXXI), a mixed-use community center, offers workshops and programs for designers. The organization regularly sends out email newsletters to inform its subscribers of upcoming events.

Here’s a great example of an Index newsletter.

Subject Line: New Workshop at XXXI: Type Design for Designers

Why it Works

The subject line is straightforward and lets subscribers know what its new workshop is about. The design of the email reflects the interests of the intended audience and it also includes the workshop details at the top for people who don’t want to scroll.

We hope that these newsletter examples have given you some inspiration and ideas for your email newsletter!

If there’s anything these newsletter examples show us, it’s that engaging email content can be achieved by brands of all sizes and across all industries as long as you keep a few elements in mind.

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