How to Create a Paid Slack Community – 5 Steps to Monetize your Channel

If you’re looking for a way to make your online community more valuable and engaging, creating a private Slack channel might be the perfect solution. As a creator, coach, or entrepreneur, you can provide your members with an exclusive space to discuss your content, share their experiences, and connect with you and each other. 

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Table of Contents

Step 1: Create your Slack workspace and private channels

Start by creating a new Slack workspace. You can create multiple channels for your community members to discuss different topics, or even have different groups or cohorts get access to their own channels. Whatever you decide, make sure to make each channel private, so only paying members can access them. 

Private Slack Channel
When creating a new Slack channel, go to settings and change it to a private channel so only paying members get access.

Step 2: Connect your website to MemberSpace

Next, you’ll need to create a MemberSpace account for free and install it on your website. This is the tool you’ll use to add a sign up form on your website and accept payments for your paid Slack community. It takes just a few minutes to add the snippet of code and works with any CMS. 

Install MemberSpace for private slack community
To install MemberSpace on your website, you'll need to add a snippet of code. We have step-by-step instructions for each CMS, so don't worry if you don't have tech experience!

Step 3: Add your Slack workspace to MemberSpace

Once you’ve set up your Slack and MemberSpace accounts, it’s time to add your workspace URL to MemberSpace. This will ensure that your members are able to  find it once they sign up and pay.

Adding your Slack community URL to MemberSpace will ensure new members get access when they sign up.

By enabling the Member Menu option, your paid Slack community link will be accessible via a floating button in the bottom right corner of your website. 

Member Menu Whatsapp community
By enabling Member Menu, your new members will be able to access all of your community links in one place, including your Slack workspace URL.

Step 4: Set a price for access to your channel

Recurring payment is the most popular option for memberships, but you can charge your members however you’d like to join your community. MemberSpace offers lots of billing flexibility and integrates directly with Stripe to make payment processing secure and streamlined. 

Once you’ve set up your pricing plan, members will be able to sign up and pay via credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay on your website. 

To create a pricing plan for your paid Slack community, go to Pricing and choose how you want to sell access to your product.
Accept payments for private Slack community
Once you've set up your pricing plan, members will be able to sign up and pay on your website through a payment form like this.

Step 5: Automate new member invites

Because you’ve set your Slack channel to private, new members will need to be invited to join once they sign up on your website. Don’t worry – you can automate the entire process by connecting your Slack and MemberSpace accounts via Zapier!

MemberSpace Slack Zapier
One of the many actions you can automate with Zapier - new members can be invited to your private channel as soon as they subscribe.

Private Slack Channel Example – Boss Project

MemberSpace customer, Boss Project offers a private Slack Channel (AKA “your online executive team”!) to members who sign up for the highest tier of their membership community, along with other perks like group coaching calls, a content library, and an online academy

This is an amazing value-add for community members who want lots of support and guidance. 

Boss Project private Slack channel
Check out Boss Project's membership for inspiration on how to structure your paid Slack community.

Final Thoughts

Selling access to a private Slack channel is a great way to launch an online community, share your expertise, and add a new income stream! You can also add your Slack channel to an existing membership as a way to increase the value of an existing community. To get started, sign up for MemberSpace for free!

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