Content Library

Share a collection of digital content like videos, tutorials, templates, images, downloadable guides, printable worksheets — and so much more!

Protect & sell a content library:

  1. Create content library pages on your website
  2. Protect your pages with MemberSpace
  3. Set a price for access
  4. Add the signup link to your website
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Content libraries built with MemberSpace

Sell access to a content library

Step 1

Create content library pages on your website

First, build the pages you’ll need to organize and manage your content library.  (These are the “secret” pages only your members will see!)

There are a few ways you can do this, based on how many pieces of content you have, how you’d like to organize them for members, and how you see your content library growing in the future. Some popular options:

  • One page with all of your content
  • A “homepage” with categories of content linking out to category pages
  • Individual pages of content, using our Member Menu for member navigation

If you use multiple pages for your content library, we recommend structuring your URLs so your pages are all nested within a “parent” page, like this:

Step 2

Protect your pages with MemberSpace

After building your content library pages on your website, you’ll protect these pages with MemberSpace so only members can have access. If you’ve structured your pages with the nested format above, you can protect all pages en masse.

If you’d like to use a public page to “tease” your content library content, you can keep your highest-level page (e.g. public and only protect the category and content pages nested within that.

🔐 Optional
For an added layer of protection, you can add our extra security code to each of your protected pages. For even more security, you can add content files (documents, videos, etc.) to your protected pages with MemberSpace Content Links.

Step 3

Set a price for access

Now that your content is protected (so only members can see it), you’ll create a plan that gives them access!

MemberSpace offers flexible payment options so you can choose the billing format that works best for your needs:

  • Recurring payment (e.g. $100 per month)
  • Multiple payment (e.g. 3 payments of $100) 
  • One-time payment (e.g. 1 payment of $100)
  • Free (no payment)

If your content library will be regularly updated and added to, choose recurring payment. This means you’ll continue getting paid as you continue to add more valuable content for your members.

If you offer various products (like a content library + an online community), you can sell different tiers of access by creating multiple plans and differentiating which plans have access to higher-tier content.

Step 4

Add the signup link to your website

Copy your plan’s signup link via the gray button next to your plan’s name. Add the signup link to your content library sales page so that visitors can join your plan.
Click copy next to a signup link and add it to your website

And your content library is live! 🚀

MemberSpace Resources

For additional resources on marketing and selling your content library, check out MemberSpace University, our hub of step-by-step guides, educational videos, technical and strategy tips, and more.

Marketing your content library

Your new content library is full of value for your members — offering them a sneak peek via a free trial or sharing a coupon code can be a great way to show them how they’ll benefit from access.

You can promote your content library anywhere you can paste a link — share your signup page URL in emails, social media bios, video descriptions, and more.

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