Feature Updates #16

Failed payment recovery

A common problem with online subscriptions is failed payments due to various credit card issues (e.g. expiration, new card, insufficient funds). Well now when one of your members has a failed credit card payment we will automatically follow up with them three times on your behalf to encourage them to update their card on file so the payment can go through. We will also begin sending out a “Your trial is ending” email three days before a member’s trial ends so they aren’t surprised by the upcoming charge. We plan to launch these new automated emails live for everyone in about a week. View screenshot

PS. We added a new field (website account name) which you’ll see when you edit or add a website to your account. The name you choose will appear in various automated emails (such as the new failed payment recovery emails). By default we simply use your website’s URL.

Custom wording

Many of you have requested the ability to customize the wording for various text, alerts, pop ups, and forms your members see. Well we listened and now you have the ability to customize almost every word, link, and button your members see! Just go to your Settings and click Custom Wording on the left. View screenshot

Member timeline

Sometimes you want to see when a member signed up with you, when they received various emails, if they reset their password, etc. You can now view the entire timeline of events for every member by going to your Members tab in the MemberSpace navigation and clicking “View member details” for an individual. The timeline will appear on the right. View screenshot