Feature Updates #17

More insights into failed payments

When you go to your MemberSpace dashboard you’ll now be able to see at a glance a quick overview of your customer’s failed payments. You’ll see in the last 30 days how much money has been saved, how much is actively being recovered, and how much has been lost. You’ll be able to click through and see exactly which customers you are at risk of losing. View screenshot

Important Squarespace SSL Update

Squarespace just released a BIG update… SSL for all their websites. We highly encourage everyone using MemberSpace to update their domain’s SSL settings in their Squarespace site to “Secure”. It’s very simple, just log into your Squarespace site, click Settings, click Domains, click SSL, select “Secured” and then Save. Doing this will help ensure no errors occur for your customers when they are paying you for memberships. View screenshot