Feature Updates #54

New Features

  • We’ve expanded how you can drip out access to your member pages and content links. The drip can now be based on a specific start/end date and time (see example).


  • You can now filter your member list by “Plan set to cancel” under “Filter by Member Plan status”.
  • We redesigned the way lists are presented (member pages, member plants, etc) so they are more compact and easier for you to read/scroll through.
  • When you receive an email from us with a member export file the link will now stay good for up to 48 hours.
  • Stripe recently released free revenue analytics! We added a link to them at the bottom of your MemberSpace dashboard page.

Bug Fixes

  • We now display errors better when you’re editing custom sign up fields for members.
  • When you manually change a member’s plan, the trial language description is now accurate.
  • Fixed wording when showing the up-sell popup for a page or content link an existing member doesn’t have access to.
  • Added reminder warning when manually approving someone for a free member plan that the member will be immediately added to the plan.