Feature Updates #55

New Features

  • For new and existing member plans you can now add custom descriptions that will show on the payment screen right below our standard description.
  • We now send a Successful Charge Receipt email even if a member’s payment was $0 (e.g. they used a 100% off coupon). And this $0 payment will also show up in their charge history’s list of invoices.


  • Added plan expiration date & time to member exports. This applies to plans that are already expired and plans that will expire in the future.
  • Added member cancelation date & time to member export. This applied to plans that are already canceled and ones that are set to cancel at the end of their billing period.
  • For our Revenue Recovery feature, we will no longer be counting (as recovered revenue) any payments that are saved via Stripe’s default retries.
  • Whenever our abandoned sign up popup/email recovers a customer for you we now count that in the Saved section of your Revenue Recovery on your dashboard.
  • Added another affiliate software integration called FirstPromoter (now a legacy integration).

Bug Fixes

  • For a very brief period we were accidentally sending out emails (from MemberSpace instead of from you) to any of your members who started a free trial or entered a 100% off coupon.
  • Previously if you created a one-time charge and recurring charge coupon with the same code (e.g. “summer_15_off”), they both get deleted.
  • Now when you deny a member they will be automatically logged out of their account as well.
  • Issue with dripping out pages/content on specific days has been resolved.
  • Our “X” close button was showing up on embedded login/signup forms mistakenly.