How Amazing Customer Support Can Help Grow Membership Revenue

We’re all busy. Especially those of us who run our own business.

There are always fires to put out, emails to respond to, and sales to be made. For a lot of entrepreneurs they get overwhelmed and let certain aspects of their business slide. The goal of this article is to make sure support is never one of them.

First let’s back up – what is customer support even? Obviously it involves responding to emails but there’s so much more to it.

How quickly do you get back to people? Do you simply send some generic template response with a link to your help docs? Do you walk them through (click by click) how to solve their problem? Do you talk on the phone or do video chats? Do you even use their first name?

For most of us, there really is no excuse. Every interaction with your customer is a chance to build your brand – the value they receive, their opinion of you, their likelihood to recommend you, etc.

Every time you take hours (or days) to respond, send a help doc without full context of their problem, or refuse to get on a call you’re doing them a disservice.

Think of a satisfied customer as a salesperson for your business. If they’ve had a terrific experience with you and your product they are so much more likely to recommend you to others, speak positively about you on social media, or offer to be in a case study on your website.

Imagine if most of your customers felt that way – you’d have a giant (free) sales team!

And yes quality customer support requires effort, time, and energy. But what could possibly be more important to a business than making sure you have happy customers?