Feature Updates #56

New Features

  • Set a specific billing date (see example) for your member plans (e.g. first of the month). We’ll handle proration automatically 🙂


  • Added a hidden spam detection field for your new member sign ups which should help prevent fake accounts from joining your MemberSpace.
  • Now when you add a customer to a subscription via your Stripe backend, we automatically add them to the corresponding plan in MemberSpace.

Bug Fixes

  • HTML content link were adding extra spaces at the top every time you updated the content.
  • This part of the Sign Up Experience settings was showing up as blank for some people.
  • We were sending a changed membership email (instead of a new membership email) when canceled members joined a new plan.
  • When members joined a free plan (after being manually approved) the welcome email wasn’t sending and the event wasn’t being logged in their timeline.
  • There was an issue with members entering a coupon when signing up for a plan with a specific billing date set.
  • After a member had updated their past due charge, we weren’t removing the “Past Due” tag next to their plan name in your admin member details section.