Feature Updates #57

New Features

  • We now integrate with Website Toolbox (now a legacy integration) so you have another forum option for your members to interact and privately message each other without leaving your website! Website Toolbox even allows members to add custom text and links in their forum profile so other members can view files (like images or PDFs).


  • Whenever you refund a member’s charge (via Stripe) we’ll also refund you any transaction fee we charged you (only applies to those on our newer plans that have transaction fees).
  • Whenever you disable a member plan it won’t show in your list of member plans (to help keep your list tidy). However, you can reveal your full list by clicking “View Disabled Plans” on the left of the screen.
  • Now when a member changes plans during a trial, the number of days left on the trial stays in sync instead of starting over.
  • Improved look and feel of Account popup for you and your members.

Bug Fixes

  • Join a Plan button now works correctly when you have a long list of Member Plans.
  • The billing invoice name was incorrect for a few customers
  • Some members who canceled their trial were getting charged if you had a plan “billing date” and your cancelation settings were end of billing period.
  • The number of payments your members have left when on a multiple payment plan now updates correctly 100% of the time. We’re currently updating any ones that were out of sync.