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19 Wix Membership Site Examples

We’ve put together several examples of how our customers used Wix + MemberSpace to build their membership site. Enjoy the inspiration for your membership site.

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AWAKE: Oneness Tribe

Calc Medic


Tour Production Group


Georgia Lennard

DCI Nova Scotia

Women in Film & TV (UK)

DMC Coalition

Seriously Fun Fitness

Kale Diagnostics

Chase Health & Performance

Objective Personality

My Music Workshop

Erica Webb

Adding members-only content to your Wix website is a great way to grow your business and revenue. Whether you’re new to the Wix platform, or have an existing website you’d like to expand, MemberSpace makes it easy.

Why Build a Membership Site on Wix?

You don’t need to be a professional web designer to create a beautiful Wix membership site. Attractive templates and a drag-and-drop editor make it easy to structure your site any way you’d like. MemberSpace integration is simple, too — with just a few clicks, you can add a customized member portal to your site. MemberSpace allows you to fully control every aspect of your Wix membership site structure, including the ability to:

  • Create multiple membership pricing plans
  • Add plan enrollment links on any webpage
  • Offer free trials and discounts
  • Manually manage member plans and account information
  • Customize all member areas
  • Protect web pages and individual files

There’s no cap on the number of members you can add to your plans, either! This makes MemberSpace the perfect partner for starting and growing a Wix membership site.

Here are 3 more Wix membership site examples

Take some inspiration from these entrepreneurs who have turned their Wix websites into successful membership businesses with MemberSpace.

1. Membership Type: Personal Development

Founded by Natia Lopez and Monique F. Achu, ElevatED is a membership platform that helps educators advance in their professions while prioritizing self-care and reducing burnout. Paid plan options include:

  • Individual courses
  • Live interactive classes
  • Single and monthly one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Multi-week group coaching programs
  • A comprehensive training institute for educators

Lopez, Achu, and fellow educator Diane Nathaniel also produce a free podcast that provides a glimpse into the value that ElevatED members receive.

Because MemberSpace supports multiple plan types and payment plans, the ElevatED team can offer their members a variety of enrollment options.


2. Membership Type: Teacher Training

High school statistics teachers Luke Wilcox and Lindsey Gallas realized that not all math teachers have a background in statistics — but are increasingly expected to teach the subject to students. The duo formed Stats Medic as a way to provide teachers with training and tools that support student-centered statistics education.

Stats Medic offers two membership options:

  • Access to a library of AP statistics videos that teachers may use to support lesson planning, remote learning, or in-person teaching
  • An AP Stats exam review course that prepares students for the test

Wilcox and Gallas also offer personalized professional development courses for school districts and teaching organizations. Because MemberSpace allows its users to structure signup and member pages any way they’d like, the Stats Medic team can build highly informational landing pages for each course and option.


3. Membership Type: Live Streams & Workshops

Digital marketing strategist Inge Hunger’s Wix membership site gives creators and business owners the tools and support they need to be successful on Instagram. She offers two different paid membership plans:

  • The Agency, a cohort-based digital marketing training course
  • The Huddle, a weekly coaching group

She also offers a variety of free workshops, paid one-on-one coaching programs, and a business planner to further support creators’ success on Instagram.

Thanks to MemberSpace’s free trial capabilities, Hunter can offer anyone interested in The Huddle seven days of complimentary access to see if it’s the right fit. If they decide to stay on as a member, Hunter can use MemberSpace’s recurring payments feature to automate member billing.


Using MemberSpace to Create Wix Membership Sites

These three businesses are just a few examples of what’s possible with Wix and MemberSpace. There’s almost no limit to the way you can structure your membership business, from offering courses to running a private podcast or email newsletterYou can also start with one membership offering and add more as you grow — MemberSpace will scale with you.

It’s easy to compare both Wix membership site options yourself by getting started with MemberSpace for free.

MemberSpace + Squarespace FAQs

Can I create a membership site on Wix?

There are a couple of different ways to create a membership site on Wix. The first option is to use Members Area, the native Wix membership option. This will allow you to create membership plans so people can sign up for your membership and access exclusive members-only pages on your website.

The other option for creating a Wix membership site is using a third-party platform like MemberSpace. Because MemberSpace offers more flexibility than Wix’s Members Area functionality, you can fully customize your membership site however you’d like. And if you ever decide to leave Wix and move to a different website platform, you can seamlessly continue your membership business on your new website without disrupting your members’ access.

How do memberships work on Wix?

Creating a membership on your Wix website allows you to protect certain pages and content so they’re not available to the public. Only those who sign up for your membership (paid or free) will be able to access the members-only areas of your site. 

Wix offers a native option, Members Area, which allows you to add basic membership functionality to your website. But if you’re looking for the ability to fully customize your membership site and member experience, you’ll want to consider a third-party membership option like MemberSpace. With MemberSpace, you can structure your membership site however you want. And if you ever need to move to a different website platform, you can easily take your members with you — all without disrupting their member access.

Does Wix have a membership database?

Wix offers basic membership functionality via their Members Area app. With Members Area, you can protect pages and/or services so they’re exclusive to people who sign up for your membership. However, you’ll be a bit limited when it comes to customizing your membership site and member experience to personally fit your business.

MemberSpace, a third-party membership solution, works seamlessly on top of your Wix website and allows you to completely set up your membership however you’d like. In other words, you can choose where you want to place the signup/login options, determine exactly when certain content or pages should become available, charge a one-time signup fee, and so much more.

How to do paid membership on Wix?

There are various ways to create a paid membership on a Wix website. The most flexible option is to use a third-party tool like MemberSpace. With MemberSpace, you can easily protect any page and/or content on your website with just a few clicks — you don’t need to be a tech guru.

When someone visits your website, they won’t be able to access your members-only content until they sign up for one of your membership plans. You can create various paid membership plans including One-Time Payment, Multiple Payment (i.e. installments), and Recurring Payment (i.e. subscriptions). And you can even add a one-time signup fee or offer a free trial. With various customization options, you can set up your paid membership on Wix to fit your specific business’s needs.

How do I create a membership only website?

There are quite a few options for creating a membership-only website, depending on the website platform you choose. Some platforms offer a native membership solution that allows you to build and manage your membership solely on that platform. However, these options don’t typically allow you to move to another website platform, if needed, and many are pretty limited when it comes to customization.

Using a third-party platform like MemberSpace to build a membership-only website offers a ton of flexibility. You can create a membership site on almost any website platform including Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Notion, Carrd, and more. And if you ever decide to change website platforms, you can seamlessly take your membership with you without disrupting your members’ access. Plus, with a ton of customization options, you can set up the full member experience in whatever way works best for your business.

Is Wix good for membership?

Wix is a great choice for membership sites, thanks to its user-friendly content management and website editing tools. Unlike some other drag-and-drop website builders, Wix doesn’t restrict you to a narrow grid. This means it’s possible to create some beautiful sites, even without a background in web design.

Using a third-party membership tool like MemberSpace offers even more flexibility when it comes to building a membership on a Wix site. After you build out the membership content directly on your Wix website, you can use MemberSpace to protect full pages and/or specific content so they’re only available to members who sign up for your membership. And with a ton of different customization options, you can design and set up your membership site and member experience however works best for you.