Squarespace Membership Sites: 3 Awesome Examples

Thousands of creators use MemberSpace and Squarespace to create successful membership businesses. Here’s why — and how you can do it, too.

Why Build a Membership Site on Squarespace?

Squarespace is an excellent platform for building membership sites, as it’s easy to add new pages and control how they look. There are several options for turning your Squarespace website into a membership site, including Squarespace Member Areas. But many Squarespace customers choose MemberSpace instead thanks to its:

  • Super-simple integration with new or existing Squarespace sites
  • Page and file-level member protection
  • Customizable member dashboards
  • Manual member management
  • Integrations with Zapier, Castos and Circle

MemberSpace doesn’t place a limit on how many members you can have, or the number of plans you can offer. This means you can structure your Squarespace membership site any way you’d like, and it grows with you. Our customers use MemberSpace to create all kinds of membership businesses, and their membership businesses are a great source of inspiration.

3 Squarespace Membership Site Examples

These three MemberSpace customers run successful Squarespace membership sites and are excellent examples of how versatile a membership business can be.

1. Membership Type: Online Courses

Christy Harrison is an intuitive eating counselor, podcast host, author, and anti-diet registered dietician. She uses MemberSpace to add members-only courses and content to her Squarespace website.

Harrison’s site is a great example of a thriving membership business. She offers a variety of plans and payment options so that her audience can find just the right fit for their interests and budget. She uses a mix of one-time payments, monthly installments, and monthly or annual subscriptions to provide access to:

  • Introductory and comprehensive courses
  • Ongoing workshops with community support
  • Private, premium podcast content
  • Weekly newsletter archives

Because MemberSpace lets users give multiple plans’ members access to the same content, it’s easy for Harrison to create a mix of options that work for her business.


2. Membership Type: Coaching and Content Library

Ladies of Real Estate offers a coaching program and content library for one monthly membership price. Members get access to:

  • Marketing and branding coaching
  • Pre-made social media graphics
  • Social media automation help
  • Canva templates for web and print
  • A private podcast
  • Industry discounts
  • Community support

The Ladies of Real Estate website is a good example of how you can offer a variety of services while managing everything through Squarespace and MemberSpace. When a new member joins the Ladies of Real Estate program, they receive access to a member dashboard. From here, they can access coaching content, download templates to import into Canva, and read real estate resources at their own pace.


3. Membership Type: Hybrid model

MemberSpace isn’t just for digital content memberships! A Line Within is a guidance & spiritual growth membership that helps members discover more about themselves. They offer a hybrid membership model that includes different content across their various tiers with access to their offline events.

Once a member picks a plan and signs up, they receive access to a member portal for their plan, including access to their podcast, spiritual readings, blog articles, individual workshops, program bundles, in-person events, and more.


There are countless ways you can start and grow a Squarespace membership business. Whether you want to offer in-person coaching, build an online community, launch a private podcast, or create a content library, you can do it all with Squarespace and MemberSpace.

MemberSpace works with any Squarespace plan. Get started building your membership site for free and see everything that MemberSpace offers.