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Jeremy went from having no developers on his founding team to launching a custom dashboard for members.

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Jenni shares her proven movement techniques via yoga classes for students and certified courses for other instructors.

Abagail turned a layoff into a 7-figure work-from-home business.

Just two years after Kate started a membership to help with her heavy client load, her husband was able to quit his full-time job.

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Charge recurring, single or multiple payments. Accept Google Pay, Apple Pay or any credit card.

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Let us handle compliance issues like encryption, GDPR and CCPA compliancy.

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Sell online courses, newsletters, paid podcasts, community access, content libraries and more.

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White-label everything, add your colors, your wording, and your styles so you can grow your brand.

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Use our advanced membership management features to generate way more revenue.

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After your trial, we only charge $39/mo plus a small transaction fee, but only when you sell a product.

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MemberSpace includes everything you need to build, launch and grow your membership business on any platform.

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You shouldn’t need to hire a developer or have technical skills to build and run a membership site. Let MemberSpace be your technical partner to help grow your business.

customize membership site

Your website, your brand.

MemberSpace works with all popular website builders. Add MemberSpace directly to your site, and easily move to a different website platform without impacting your members or billing details. See the website platforms we integrate with.

VIP Support

We help grow your membership with friendly VIP support. Connect with our team for any tech or strategy questions and get a quick, helpful response. But don’t just take our word for it, read our excellent G2, Trustpilot, Capterra, and other MemberSpace reviews.

MemberSpace Reviews

Creators love MemberSpace. Read reviews from happy customers.

Excellent membership plugin
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Just added this to my site and it's really just what I needed. Ward & team are really obsessive about support, that's for sure. Got me all the install assistance I required and it's all good now. Highly recommend them.
Easiest way to run a membership site!
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I've run plenty of membership sites, and even created my own membership site software at one point, and I have to say that MemberSpace is the easiest way to run one. Very exciting that they are now available on WordPress!
Easy to use membership plugin
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This membership plugin rocks. Highly recommend. As a consultant I’ve worked with several clients who use MemberSpace and I’ve used it as an end user, too. Love it. Support is awesome, too.
Tia S.
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I have been researching and using online course platforms for the past year and just settled on something to get me started. But, I was so excited when I stumbled across MemberSpace. It offers just what I was looking for!
Rusty J.
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It's very easy to use and set up with minimal explanation. It's easy for a do-it-yourself kind of person.
Blair M.
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Our company definitely has some unique challenges to overcome, and the team at MemberSpace has been extremely helpful in the problem-solving process!
Tess B.
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I love having control/ownership of my course content. The ability to host a course on my own site is fantastic.
Bella F.
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Simplicity and the fast, hands-on help I get.
Lindsey B.
Read More
Prompt, friendly reply and solved my query swiftly.
Judy D.
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MemberSpace works very well with my Squarespace site. I love that it has different membership levels and that it protects the content. They also have a great login and member management system. Coming from a system on WordPress that updated and broke often, this is a lot more intuitive. But best of all was all the documentation and customer support. It is very well done. The staff is super nice, responsive, knowledgeable, helpful, and smart!
Alexandra G.
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This software seamlessly integrates with Squarespace which is what I use for my web design clients. It's also very easy for them to use and take over the administrative piece once I've built the site for them. The pricing structure is amazing too, you get so many features and customization options for a great price.
Jessica M.
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They have done a fantastic job of integrating features, functionality, and low cost into this great product. You can even upload and protect all of your content and downloadable items directly to MemberSpace so that people cannot access them from the website. Really flexible and robust software that directly integrates with Squarespace as well as other software products.
Carrie A.
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I love how easy this is to set up with a Squarespace site. It takes so little time. I also love that they have such great customer support.
Felipe M.
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We needed a comprehensive solution for our site on Squarespace to have members be able to log in and access membership materials. This platform is everything we needed and integrates with so many other tools!
Tim W.
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The subscription interface works flawlessly with my Squarespace subscription-based website. Extremely easy to work with to setup, delete and edit member plans. The ability to view, sort and download member information is simple and valuable.
Memberspace is A+++ I use it on +4 websites
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I've been using Memberspace on +4 websites and on ongoing projects. It works really well, I can properly manage my memberships. What I really like is that their support is also top-notch, I've had some complicated requests and their team always goes out of their way to help me. I highly recommend it!
Very easy to use + fantastic support
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Big fan of the Memberspace product and team: the staff is patient, quick and, knowledgeable about getting issues addressed. The product itself is a no-brainer. You can get it up running very quickly so you can get back to scaling your business without figuring out all of the little things. 10/10
Solid solution for membership sites
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The team (and product) at MemberSpace are second to none!

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