007: On Hiring a Business Coach to Help Grow Your Membership Site

Ward and Audrey chat about turning a passion into a business, hiring a business coach, and using facebook ads to gain new clients.

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Ward: [00:00:30] Hi, Audrey. Thanks for joining me.

Audrey: [00:00:32] Sure. Thanks for having me. I’m excited to be here.

Ward: [00:00:35] Awesome. So why don’t you give us a little bit of background on you as a person like what’s your background professionally, personally?

Audrey: [00:00:44] Sure, so. I started my professional business when I was in college and putting myself through school and I just really loved Health and Fitness and Nutrition from a pretty young age. I was always an athlete dance team gymnast swimmer all those things. So just kind of felt very natural to do that. I also like the idea of being able to work for an hour and make. Five six times minimum wage as a college kid. It just seemed to be the best process. So I wasn’t, you know burning the candle on both ends. So that kind of started 2010. I started doing group fitness classes and then personal training and then after college, you know got a little burned out with that and decided to do some traveling and. Kind of create a business where I could work from anywhere because that’s kind of the the new Millennial dream, right? Everyone loves to be able to work on the beach or wherever they choose to be. And so I had some clients where I did some business management for them just kind of administrative work and that seemed to kind of be progressing just by word of mouth. And so after I graduated from college, I really started pursuing more of that. And that really started to grow and kind of led me into the new world of virtual and then eventually through a few things that I thought at the time was like the worst thing ever, you know, losing a really high-paying clients. Contract ending and whatnot and it kind of forced me back to my roots of health and fitness, which is what I truly believe. I I meant to be doing it’s kind of my gift. And so that’s kind of what brought me to where I am now, which is a health and weight loss and fitness coach that I do virtually with women over six to eight week periods to help. You know lose weight overcome emotional eating and it’s really just done by creating small mini habits that add up to really big results. And the biggest thing is breaking up a sugar that’s kind of be the focus of most of my programs is eliminate sugar first and everything else kind of just falls into place.

Ward: [00:03:15] Right. So for the business itself, he said it’s kind of like virtual coaching and training. So so what does that mean specifically what are people getting? And what is the actual name of the business again?

Audrey: [00:03:25] Sure, so my business is called coaching with Audrey and I have a couple different programs. I have a Facebook group that’s called back in Action redefine your health where most of my audience lives but then I have a couple programs that go along with that. So one on one coaching. It’s very focused on customizing workout and nutrition plans. Weight loss, you know really focusing on that specific person’s needs and then I have more of a Group Training that’s called break up with sugar and it’s a six-week program where we work together kind of group calls using the Facebook group as accountability as well as daily motivational videos some mindset work really really creating that that habit of moving your body daily even just for 20 minutes a day. And certainly getting rid of sugar and you know people come mostly for weight loss. That’s usually the big Focus. But I mean the side effects they just continue to it’s amazing. It’s so fun to be part of a program where I get to be part of so many different people. Health and weight loss Journeys and what’s really really cools by the end of it. They find, you know the weight loss. Yeah, they lost weight. But the the biggest focus is, you know, they have control over their anxiety their emotional eating their sugar Cravings. They are sleeping better. They have mental Clarity and they’ve gotten their confidence back and then weight loss is just like yeah, that’s great and all but you know, they feel like themselves again, and it’s incredible. It’s awesome to be part of.

Ward: [00:05:08] Yeah, that sounds like a really worthwhile thing for sure. I know personally I’m big into focusing on health and staying healthy and how it affects every part of your life and it’s a huge deal. But so regarding the business model itself. What is your pricing look like?

Audrey: [00:05:24] Sure so the pricing ranges anywhere, you know in the. 60- 500 for Group Training and then more in the the upper two thousand dollars for the one-on-one really focused eight-week program because it’s very very customized so that by the end they they know exactly what they should be eating, you know, 80% of the time. I’m really big on having balance in your life. So doesn’t mean you have to you know, give up sugar forever if you’re at a. Holiday Christmas party and that’s this recipe that your grandmother’s been making for years, you know, enjoy that cookie be aware of how it might affect you and you know the next day there’s there’s always going to be another meal. That’s what I tell my clients. So that’s kind of the price range for for the business.

Ward: [00:06:13] And how did you how did you come up with that number? Where where did that come from?

Audrey: [00:06:16] It actually started when I started building this virtual business. I actually worked with a business coach and he that’s kind of what he and I kind of figure out I went to him to actually help with my virtual business management and ended up realizing that I really realizing actually that I could do the health and fitness and the virtual business together. And so, you know, it was a mindset shift for sure to be okay with asking in the thousands, you know as a fitness instructor or personal trainer you were only getting paid. 30 to 80 dollars an hour and so my coach really really helped me not only figure out a business plan and how to get started and how to figure out the pricing but also how to mentally like wrap your wrap my head around telling people like this is how much it costs. So that’s kind of where it started. I reached out for help which is something I. I could probably count on my on one hand how many times I’d ask for help in my life, especially from a business standpoint because I’ve always so independent and I think working with the coach also and getting results that I that I was looking for actually helped me realize how it’s worth asking for help paying a certain amount of money. It really helps you show up and be accountable so now when I share how much my program is, you know, I know that it’s not just you know charging my worth but also giving my clients, you know, putting some skin in the game. They have some accountability. It actually helps them stick to the program and really give it their all.

Ward: [00:08:13] Right when figuring out our price we always talked about this as well. It really sends a signal to the customer besides what you just mentioned but also. In terms of the kind of people that are naturally drawn to the program right? Like you’re not going to get someone I would imagine who’s like not really caring or not really trying because if they’re yeah, they’re spending that much money. It’s like, okay. I’m really committing to this. This is a big deal and therefore they’re hopefully going to be better customers as well because they’re seeing the value what you’re providing and that’s why they’re paying for it.

Audrey: [00:08:40] Yeah. Absolutely. I’ve definitely found you know, it does kind of weed out the action takers and. You know, there’s nothing wrong with someone who’s not ready to get started at all. That’s not where they are. But, you know to really make a difference in someone’s life. They need to be there a hundred percent like they need I can’t be coaxing them and cheering them on I can be guiding them supporting them being their coach doing everything I can to give them the tools that I believe will give them the best results. But yeah, absolutely if it’s not you know in there. Like where they are right now. There’s not much I can do to help unless they’re they’re in it to win it.

Ward: [00:09:25] Yeah. So for the pricing it’s you came up with it with your business coach, which I’d like to dive into a little bit later. But have you experimented since then or what sort of your Milestones as far as okay a certain point in time. I’m going to increase or decrease the price or you just kind of keep it set for the foreseeable future.

Audrey: [00:09:46] Sure. So so it’s funny you ask that. I’m kind of in a place of transition right now kind of figuring out how I want to kind of expand the breakup of sugar program because I think that you know for the group training its you can kind of hit a larger audience than a one-on-one and I’m interested in and supporting more people but I also know that the program, you know again I started out at. Sixty dollars per person that was kind of like how how the first launch of it was $60 for the six weeks, which is a great price. But again, I want to make sure that the people that are signing up for this program are actually going to do it and there’s a ton of really really great resources that I put together that people that have gone through my program have kind of helped inspire me by. I also want to make sure that you know, the they’re getting what they’re paying for. And so if they pay if they pay more they’re going to get a lot more and I’ll be able to do that without having to limit the resources I provide so at this point, again, it’s kind of it’s funny. You ask that because I’m not really sure exactly where and probably by the end of this week. I should have a better sense of where I want the breakup sugar to program to go but I do want it to be at a bigger scale probably more in the you know, $200 range for the six weeks and certainly provide them with more things that I found with this first group what they. Questions, they had asked and and inquiries and things that have come up on our group calls things that I want to kind of put together in downloadable guides that they can have for life. And those are really valuable. You know, when you’re starting something new having kind of a road map to go off of I mean, that’s huge. And then as for the the one on one program that one’s going to stay the same until you know, I get to a point where I’m at capacity and I can’t really take on any new clients. And once that weightless kind of starts to build then I would definitely see myself, you know building a team and charging more.

Ward: [00:12:06] Have you heard feedback from customers in terms of like positive or negative like oh, this is way too expensive or this is a great deal of your at anything like that?

Audrey: [00:12:15] Yeah, the breakup of sugar definitely had people tell me, you know, oh, you know think of it as like $10 a week. That’s nothing. I feel like that was a very moderate low price and I still had some people say they couldn’t afford it. You know that could also just money is the easiest excuse. So, you know, that could also have just been their way of saying I’m not ready for this. I’m a you know, the biggest thing that people are afraid to start a new habit is the fear of failure. That’s the biggest thing. So you never know if it’s like consistently has to do with money or not with the one-on-one programming people are certainly sticker shock. People do end up signing up there like, no offense, or I know it’s worth it. But that’s a lot more than I thought it was going to be but what I found that when people go through the program and they commit and they give it their all by the end. They’re just like that was the best $2,000 I’ve ever invested, you know, they continue to get results. They continue to stay part of the Facebook group, which is really fun. I get text messages from them letting me know like new Milestones that they’ve hit and. You know, once that process has even a week into the program, you know any time you you sign up for something or you you invest in is a big chunk chunk of change in yourself or in anything. I mean, it’s it’s scary you immediately have that doubt like what am I doing? That was so much money think of all these things I could buy with it. But you know after a week that thought is gone. You’re feeling more comfortable. That’s how I felt when I went through my coaching business. Coaching training is I did it and three days into it I was like, oh my gosh, what did I do? You know it was like that’s a lot of money but looking back now it’s you know, it changed my life it I’ve made that money back, you know, that’s the thing as money is money is fleeting. But time is that’s that’s fine eyes, so, you know acting. When they are striking when the Iron’s hot, you know, that’s that’s that’s what you need to be thinking about.

Ward: [00:14:36] Yeah, I think that’s good advice and it sounds like just from what you’re saying. Your pricing is probably close to it to Optimal if you’re hearing. Push back a little bit as far as through this is a little pricey and then you’re also hearing oh this this is worth it or this is a good deal at some point that you know, that’s what we generally are looking for and what we tell other people is like you don’t want all of one or the other you want to hear both. If you’re no one’s telling you that it’s expensive and that means it’s too cheap. If no one’s telling you that it’s a great deal that means you know, maybe it’s maybe it is too high. So. It sounds like you have a good balance going there. Let’s shift topics. So I am curious about this business coach and business training at you’ve been talking about what what prompted you to find a business coach and how do you even go about that process?

Audrey: [00:15:25] So it’s just one of those things that kind of stumbled across on my Facebook. It was after probably a couple months of not having. Kind of going again from having this high paying client and not really having anything and then just being confused as to like do I even want to continue doing this? I didn’t even enjoy that. I was definitely at a Crossroads and just dealing with a lot of negative chatter, you know mental chatter. Just you know, what did I do? Did I mess it up, you know just not not good thoughts and I was just really really sick of being on up work and thumbtack not that there’s anything wrong with those sites, but I was tired of spending my time, you know applying for these jobs and hearing nothing back and even if you did they were willing to pay you like 20 bucks an hour. And I was just getting feeling really really defeated and I was like all my computer and I found this random ad and it felt like it was like speaking to me. Like are you tired of up work and get not getting paid you’re worth. You know, it’s like those movies that people like yeah, they’re talking to me it kind of commercial and so I watched the guys webinar and just really resonated to me it seemed very. Simple straightforward again, I never research this or even considered hiring a coach it just never, I always had like reached out to mentors and people that I was inspired with successful businesses connections that I made but never had I even thought or even knew that there was like coaching programs out there. And so I watch this webinar, I made an appointment with him and chatted with him. I cried like it was a place of vulnerability. I felt very ashamed that I was asking for help because that was always my mindset and it was you know, just. Realizing where I was where I didn’t want to be there anymore and he had a potential solution and it felt very promising and didn’t feel salesy. I obviously felt very comfortable with him and I was able to cry after just talking him for the first like 20 minutes and you know his price I think was maybe 2500- 3000 and you know, I wasn’t making a ton of money at the time and but I knew it was now or never like I knew if I continue to do what I was doing I wouldn’t get anywhere. It’s like the definition of insanity, you know you doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, and I just realized. Something has to change and this guy has the possibility to to lead me to change that. I that I want to get and it seemed like a very positive experience. And so that’s that was my first experience with a private one-on-one business coach.

Ward: [00:18:37] And he really it sounds like help to come up with with the new business model and the new new approach to marketing and things like that.

Audrey: [00:18:45] Yeah, so he we started focusing on growing my AP Services business, which is more of like social media business management. I still run that, you know, like online communities that are still alive and running and actually because of the mindset work that I did with him. I’ve been able to increase my prices and really charge my worth which has been really exciting but after a short probably a week of figuring out, you know, what Niche that’s probably the hardest part about starting a business is finding your Niche after kind of digging deep into what I was currently doing and what I wanted to pursue a none of it felt like I didn’t feel passionate and not everyone’s obviously going to feel like you know, Michael Jordan. I was born to be a basketball player, but I still wanted to really believe in what I was doing and felt like feel like I was I was giving back I was helping people and so as I started going through his workshop and his different trainings, I started like it just became so clear that my training and Fitness and Nutrition and my certifications and what I’ve done with previous clients, like it just became so clear that that was what I was supposed to be focused on and so we transitioned from virtual business manager into virtual kind of create a title that I don’t always use but it like a body restoration coach, you know just really helping with physical mental and diet type work. And so from there, you know, we he really pushed me to get comfortable reaching out to people getting people on phone calls and it was really uncomfortable. Like I just remember just feeling so icky and so. Like what’s the word I’m thinking of I felt like a phony like I’m like, who am I to like think that I can charge as much money and tell people that I can help them, you know, it was honestly just an eye-opener and very it was a mental shift that I needed and you know we started. He had his marketing program was Facebook ads Facebook group, you know growth grow the Facebook group get people into your group and then progress into Facebook ads and then eventually webinars and so that’s kind of how the marketing process evolved over time. And it’s you know, I think I started I think I launched my first Facebook ad probably In trying to think August and I now have over 2,000 members in my group. And so the process works. It definitely works, you know the right the proper way to write ad copy I think that was that was a huge marketing like, you know, like how to write marketing messages. That was really eye-opening and actually really fun when you kind of learn the process. So those are the main things that we focus on but again, I can’t. Like emphasize enough it was mindset really to give me the confidence to ask my worth and get comfortable going live like, oh my gosh live videos and a Facebook group. I would have I’d be sweating. I would like my heart buggy racing and I again would just feel like a complete phony, but now I look forward to those live calls. I get so fired up and so excited. You know not just to hear that. It’s just a great way to connect with your group and really share your passion and have people see how authentic you are with it.

Ward: [00:22:56] Right. So let’s go through the marketing all over here. When you had the the coaching sessions and it sounds like the plan of action was okay create ads and Facebook to drive people to join a private Facebook group and then from there monetize them in some way towards your coaching programs or webinar. Is that my understanding that right?

Audrey: [00:23:16] Yeah, exactly. So start a Facebook group. I kind of just invited my friends and family and former clients into it and then launched a Facebook ad tell them what’s going on like my Facebook ad is very focused on you know, join this group to break up a sugar. You know accountability support and then they see that ad, you know, the more activity that add gets the more likes the more shares more comments. The more Facebook is going to share with people and of course the bigger your budget the more people you’re going to have join on a daily basis. And then once they join the Facebook group and their you really really you’re really wanted to grow an audience that supports you believes in you. And so you share your story. I think that would that’s a really really big thing with marketing within your marketing. You know, you’re sharing your story. You’re letting people know that you your. You were with where they are now and you know not in like a negative way, but just you know what they’re going through you here to support them and you know, then always have kind of a call to action, you know offering free 30 minute call to get really clear on your goals. You know, that’s that’s one that I usually offer or, you know offering five calls this week to the first action takers to contact me a book a call and you know welcoming new members and saying, you know similar things like hey new members, you know, so excited you’re here book your free 30 minute call and you get on the phone with them and you know, you’ve really not only have an opportunity to make a sale, that’s obviously the goal but you’re also able to create a forever fan, you know, they connect with you. They appreciate your time. They even if they don’t book with me, they tend to stay very connected in the Facebook group. And then you know, just treating your group. I think the biggest thing treating it like you would like Community. I mean we get. We’re kind of detached from social media because it’s just we’re looking at a screen but you know a community is online. It should be treated just the same way as like an in-person Community wanting to get to know people networking with people, you know, it’s not just about pay attention to me, but really letting your group members know. This is your group. I want to hear from you. What do you want to know, you know, obviously staying within the topic of your of your group. And another thing that I found is really really helpful. So when when someone joins your group you want to ask them a few questions you keep it a private group you screen them. You have them answer a few questions. Like I ask them. What’s your biggest struggle? What’s keeping you from that struggle? And what’s one thing that you love about yourself that last question is usually the hardest one for everyone. But what you do is when they join you save those questions in a you know, like a Google sheet and that way when you’re trying to create content, you want to use similar wording that they use you want to go off the topics that they’re clearly interested in and needing help with and you know, when you it’s like when I was when I found my coach and he had an ad about how horrible up work is, you know, you want the same thing for your Facebook group members you want them to feel like they’re being heard like wow, she’s talking to me and I’ve had people reach out and be like, I watched some of your videos and you know, I just felt like you were talking to me and that’s what it’s all about. You want them to feel like they’re being heard and their questions are being answered.

Ward: [00:27:13] Yeah. I think it’s a really good way to put it and you had a lot of really. Really great things to say right there that I agree with and it’s interesting because it’s not that it’s not just that you want them to be heard. It’s that you’re actually hearing them which is which is what you’re doing right because you’re actually writing it down and listening. So that’s great advice back to the Facebook ads. Do you do you know roughly how much money you were spending at least initially to drive people to the group because for a lot of people in might be starting on a really low budget and not really have much to throw around especially in the very beginning before there’s any Revenue. So if you don’t mind sharing some of those numbers.

Audrey: [00:27:47] Sure so five dollars a day is usually what I started at so that comes out to about $150 a month. My ad was starting to do really really well. And so I just wanted to take full advantage of it. So I’m up to 10. So I’m paying about 300 dollars a month on Facebook ads. I have not ventured into the webinar. I’m in the process of writing my webinar right now, and I know that one can get pretty pricey, but if you. What my thought processes and again, this is still kind of in transition. I just finished a book called expert Secrets by Richard Branson, I think is the last name. Oh my gosh. I read it in like a week. It was an incredible book. I highly highly highly recommend it. But you know, you don’t have to being on a budget obviously is really important when you’re first starting out and so going back to $5 a day Facebook ad kind of grow your group. Also you want to make sure that your Facebook ad is what you’re targeting the right people because if you’re paying five dollars a day and you’re getting no one joining your group. Well, you know, you got to reassess so there’s definitely some some trial and error. Figuring out, you know the right wording within Facebook ads figuring out the Right audience to Target and it just takes time. I think again mindset, you know, not giving up believing that overtime, you know, everything takes time. If you know if you want to get really good at it takes just a little bit. Something every day, so don’t get don’t get frustrated. I mean you will get frustrated but you know stay strong and just keep doing what you’re doing. And so five dollars a day in the Facebook ads and then, you know growing your Facebook group if your ad starts do really well, I would recommend upping it. Of course if you start getting more business than you can. You know justify it even more and then with the webinar, my plan is, you know, a set of running a really expensive add. My plan is to kind of advertise it within my Facebook group first and on the other, you know, Instagram and YouTube and other places kind of sharing it there first and get feedback before I start spending a ton of money on like webinar.

Ward: [00:30:23] Great. I think it’s a good place to end it Audrey. Would you mind sharing with everybody how they can get in touch with you or learn more about your services.

Audrey: [00:30:31] Yes, so you can find me at coachingwithaudrey.com. Everything’s there. You know Facebook Instagram. You can find my YouTube channel. I would love love love to have you join my Facebook group. That’s where you know, you’ll see me the most some live videos ton of content and support and that’s called back in Action redefine your head. And again that’s on Facebook, and I would love to see you guys there and hear from you and thanks for listening. And thanks. Thanks for having me here.

Ward: [00:31:04] Yeah, thanks for thanks for coming on Audrey.

Audrey: [00:31:06] Okay. Take care.

Ward: [00:31:07] Bye

Audrey: [00:31:08] bye.