Feature Updates #64

New Features

  • Plan expiration notifications are now available! Your members will now get a “Plan Expired” email when their plan expires.
  • You can also turn on the “Plan Expiring Soon” email so members will be notified X days/hours before their plan expires. You can edit the wording and/or disable these emails in Customize > Member Emails.
  • You as the admin can also receive emails when a member’s plan expires. Turn this on by going to Customize > Sign Up Experience > “Email me when a member’s plan expires”.
  • Your member’s plan expiration date will now be listed in the member details view for each member.
  • Lastly, zaps (via Zapier) will now send a canceled_membership event when a member’s plan expires just like we do for recurring charge plans when those are canceled.


  • Switched our free trial back to 14 days and are happy to extend it if you need it!
  • When adding a member to a plan in your backend, the list will now mirror the order you have in your Member Plans view.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed proration calculation when upgrading between annual plans you’ve created for members.
  • Fixed currency cents issue when editing plans.