What We Need

We’re an online software company whose mission is to help non-technical entrepreneurs build a sustainable membership business anywhere on the internet. We’re looking for an individual or agency to help us expand this vision beyond our current customer base.

Our goal is to expand to other website CMS platforms beyond Squarespace. We recently launched onto Webflow but are eager to continue (e.g. Carrd, Jekyll, Weebly, custom HTML, etc.) So far we’ve grown based on good SEO and word-of-mouth from customers. We really prioritize customer support (phone and live chat support is available for all plans).

We want to continue growing organically without having to rely on traditional digital advertising companies (e.g. Facebook, Google) that don’t respect people’s privacy or data. We also are not looking for a “growth hacker” and definitely do not want to pursue growth at all costs. We subscribe to the Company of One mindset 👍.

We have a bunch of potential ideas below that we haven’t focused on enough. Feel free to use these as a starting point or create your own:

  • Expand our Member Maker podcast subscribers
  • Grow our affiliate program
  • Explore more organic advertising options (e.g. podcasts, event sponsorships)
  • Create a community or directory of developers/designers who specialize in MemberSpace
  • Promote Sixty & MakerPad directory to developers/designers who want to implement MemberSpace for clients
  • Launch webinars for developers/designers/prospects to teach them more about MemberSpace
  • Do a launch on ProductHunt

We don’t expect you to handle everything yourself either! Our CEO (Ward) and CTO (Ryan) will be available whenever you need them. We also won’t be doing any commission scheme since we want you to focus on doing your best work and not just short-term growth.

Our Budget

We’re comfortable spending up to $20K/month for now. This would include:

  • Your income (tell us what you think is fair)
  • Any subcontractors
  • Any other marketing costs

We’d like to start with a 1-3 month engagement to make sure we all like working together and see what gets accomplished. We’re open to a longer term contract after that (along with expanding the budget if needed).

Our Expectations

We expect you to be proactive, direct, communicate well, and write clearly. Overcommunciation is fine 🙂

We have a specific number in mind we’re looking to generate from customers who are NOT using Squarespace as their website CMS. We’ll talk about those specifics during our interview.