Duda Membership App: Is it Right for You?

Duda is a great website builder for anyone who needs to build and manage multiple client sites. Its ease of use and flexibility makes it a favorite choice among web designers and developers. With the launch of the Duda Membership App, Duda users now have more than one way to create membership sites using the platform.

What is the Duda Membership App?

The Duda Membership App is a native Duda app that any user can add to a site through the platform’s built-in App Store. It works on all Duda sites and plans, and provides a set of basic membership site features.

Unfortunately, the Duda Membership App is not yet available to all Duda users. If you’d like to use it now, you may need to reach out to the Duda support team for access.

What are the Benefits of Duda’s Membership App?

One of the great benefits of the Duda platform is that you can build your own “section” templates and apply them across multiple websites. This could potentially help you speed up the Duda membership site creation process for multiple clients by creating a set of standard sections for member content.

The other main benefit is, of course, that the Duda Membership App is native to the Duda platform. You can manage all aspects of your clients’ sites and member plans in one convenient spot.

What are the Features of Duda’s Membership App?

  • Member management: You can opt to allow anyone to sign up as a member, or implement a manual approval process.
  • Page protection: The Duda Membership App allows for the protection of individual webpages.
  • Customizable signup forms: Duda allows its users to edit the information fields that all new members must fill out when registering.
  • Pending pages: If you’ve opted for manual membership approval, you can customize a special “membership pending” page that shows up after a potential member submits their request to join.
  • Google login: You can opt to allow new members to register with their existing Google account.

What are the Limitations of Duda’s Membership App?

  • No bulk page protection: In order to protect multiple Duda website pages, you must do each one manually. Protecting a top-level page will not automatically protect all the sub-pages underneath it.
  • Limited content protection: The Duda Membership App only supports standard pages and sections. You cannot protect a dynamic page, a store page, or a blog post. This limits the type of membership businesses that you can support with a Duda site.
  • One single signup page: You cannot build multiple signup pages for different types of membership plans. Every option must live on one signup page.
  • Can’t be fully removed: Once the Duda Membership App is installed on a client’s site, you cannot fully remove it. While you can remove page protection and deactivate the signup form, a “member login” button will always remain on the site.

Is Duda’s Membership App Right for Me?

Duda’s Membership App is a fast and easy solution for anyone who needs to create a website with basic membership functionality. If your clients would like to have a simple login portal, offer one type of membership plan, or protect free content to use as a lead magnet, then Duda Membership App may be a good choice. It’s also a straightforward solution for anyone who is committed to the Duda platform and has no plans to migrate in the future.

However, if there’s a chance you or your client may want to use a new CMS in the future — or would like more control over plan signup and content protection — you’ll want to choose another solution. MemberSpace is a dedicated membership platform that’s flexible and adaptable, making it a great choice for membership sites of all sizes. Like the Membership App, you can install MemberSpace on your Duda site in just a few clicks. From there, it’s easy to protect any type of content or group of pages.

Check out our full guide to building a Duda membership site to learn more about each option and decide whether the Membership App or MemberSpace is right for you. Or, jump right in and compare the two yourself by joining MemberSpace for free.