Duda Membership Sites: An Awesome Example

Duda websites are full of great features that work well for creating membership businesses. The customizable CMS makes it easy to combine free and members-only webpages with an online store, downloadable content, videos and more.

Why Build a Membership Site on Duda?

Duda is a strong choice for any developer or designer who needs to create and manage multiple client sites. You can white label Duda, so your clients only ever see your brand. It’s also easy to set and manage clients’ admin privileges, so you can be sure they only access their site (and only the parts you want them to).

Similarly, MemberSpace makes it easy for agencies, designers, and developers to create and manage client membership plans all within one dashboard. You can opt to manage all aspects of clients’ membership plans in-house, grant admin access to a client representative, or fully transfer plans to the client’s own MemberSpace account after setup. MemberSpace is simple to install, and gives you ample control over what pages or content to protect, and how.

Thanks to this flexibility, you can build nearly any kind of membership site for your clients — from monthly paid newsletters and courses to one-time Zoom webinars and eBook purchases.

Duda Membership Site Example

The following example is just one of the many ways you can utilize a Duda membership site. Click through to see what the example looks like (including behind the paywall!) and get great inspiration for developing and selling powerful membership websites.

Membership Type: Coaching Course

 Bozoma Saint John, CMO at Netflix, uses Duda and MemberSpace to share her knowledge with others. Her Badass Workshop contains a series of video modules, available with a one-time membership purchase. Members get immediate access to five or modules, depending on their plan selection, with unlimited replays.

Saint John’s Duda site also includes a variety of merchandise available to purchase through a public storefront.


Using MemberSpace to Create Duda Membership Sites

Duda is a fantastic website building platform to create versatile, content-rich sites — and MemberSpace is its perfect partner. While Duda does offer its own Membership App, you’ll need a tool like MemberSpace to take full advantage of everything a Duda membership website can do.

Learn more about the differences between MemberSpace and the Duda Membership App in our complete guide to building a Duda membership site. And you don’t have to take our word for it — sign up for MemberSpace for free and try it out for yourself. With just a few clicks, your Duda websites will be ready for building scalable membership businesses.