How to Get Amazing Video Testimonials with these 5 Questions

Text reviews are great, but video ones are better

You understand the impact of having great customer testimonials. A testimonial that describes how your product or service positively impacted one’s life or solved a problem, has the power to convince a potential customer that they can benefit from the same experience. And while text reviews are okay, video testimonials are more alluring as they combine words, sounds, and visuals. But if this is not enough to convince you that customer testimonials are essential for your company’s growth, then consider that testimonials on a sales page can increase conversions by 34%!

So how can you persuade your customers to give you amazing video testimonials? Hint, the difficulty is not in the equipment as Bonjoro makes it easy to request and publish video testimonials. Rather, it’s the questions you ask that play a pivotal role in eliciting the best responses. After researching over 100 websites and testimonials, Bonjoro uncovered 5 key questions you can ask to draw powerful responses from your customers. Let’s take a look at them.

Table of Contents:

  • Question 1: Who do you think is the best fit for [Your brand]?
  • Question 2: What were things like before working with [Your brand]?
  • Question 3: What does it feel like to use/own a [Your brand]?
  • Question 4: What results have you seen now that you have implemented [Your brand]?
  • Question 5: Why does using tools like [Your brand] matter? How to easily collect video testimonials

First Best Video Testimonial Question

Who do you think is the best fit for [Your brand]?

Your product is not for everyone which is why this is such a good question. When an actual customer establishes who your product or service is the best fit for, it builds more trust and affinity with potential customers. If prospects can relate to your customer’s testimonial, they’ll see your business as a shortcut to long-term success. They’ll also see this testimonial as more trustworthy than traditional advertising messages.

Second Best Video Testimonial Question

What were things like before working with [Your brand]?

This question is all about painting a picture of what their life looked like before and after your services/product. It’s important for prospects to visualize what things like were before someone began using your product. By having a reference point, they can see how your product or service is a solution to a pain that needs addressing. If someone just said that they saved 50 hours of work, that is vague and hard to relate to. However, if they explained how they were able to take the work of two full-time employees and shift it to new more productive activities because of your product or service, that will be much more believable for potential customers.

Third Best Video Testimonial Question

What does it feel like to use/own a [Your brand]?

This question taps into how someone feels internally about your product or service and highlights the best part of using your service. For example, if a person signs up for a $2,000 Masterclass, it’s not just the material that was learned, but the network, the community, and the exclusivity of the class. Let your customers share all the ways how your product or service is special. Can a bystander, someone who hasn’t bought your product, understand what the problem this person is experiencing and all the benefits they received? YES – when prospective customers see responses to this question.

Fourth Best Video Testimonial Question

What results have you seen now that you have implemented [Your brand]?

This question gets straight to the point. Prospects hear about the results they can expect from using your product or service. Having customers share these benefits in a straightforward way will have a huge impact on your trial-to-paying customer rates. Whether your product or service helps customers generate more leads, increase revenue, save time, or achieve goals, including this question demonstrates how your business will foster long-term customer success.

Fifth Best Video Testimonial Question

Why does using tools like [Your brand] matter?

This question is the best way to get your dream customers talking. Sometimes people want to buy from you because of your purpose. This question allows people to connect with your mission, and not just your product. For example, at Bonjoro we send personal videos, but why it matters is because we, and our customers, believe that human connection and relationships matter. Ask this question to give people the opportunity to connect emotionally with your brand and delve deeper into what it was that attracted them to your business.

How to easily collect video testimonials

Great testimonials are money in the bank. So now that you know which questions are super valuable to elicit the best video testimonials, you’ll want to start collecting some and use them in future marketing. However, this can be painful and time-consuming if done the wrong way. If you want video testimonial gathering to be fun and easy, we recommend signing up to try Bonjoro Testimonials.

In an age where consumers are preferring video over text, Bonjoro makes it easy to collect, manage, and publish video and text testimonials on one single platform. By either sharing your Bonjoro link with your audience or gathering existing reviews into a Wall of Love which you can create with Bonjoro, it’s really easy to collect customer reviews without seeming pushy or awkward. Best part? You can get unlimited text testimonials and 3 video testimonials 100% free. Start gathering your testimonials with Bonjoro for free.