How to Monetize a Newsletter – 23 Strategies for Creators

If you have newsletter subscribers, you’ve already done the hard work of attracting your target market. Now, it’s time to turn those subscribers into paying customers. Whether you simply want to convert your free newsletter into a paid subscription, or build another valuable resource like an online course and sell it to your readers, there are tons of strategies you can use to monetize a newsletter. Use this list for inspiration!

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1. Charge a monthly fee for your newsletter 

If you’re already providing valuable content in your newsletter, the next natural step is turning your free subscription into a paid one. Not everyone will upgrade, but that’s okay. Those who do are invested in you and your brand and will be easier to sell additional offerings to in the future. 

You can use a tool like MemberSpace to easily set up a paid newsletter subscription and start accepting payments on your website. 

Good News Newsletter
Goodnewspaper offers a paid subscription for their digital newsletter, as well as a print version and a community membership.

2. Convert your blog into a paid newsletter

Another way to monetize your existing audience is to add a paywall to your blog, similar to what the New York Times does. When someone goes to read one of your posts, a pop-up will appear requiring them to subscribe and pay before they get access.

You can also leave some of your blog posts available to the public if you’d like and promote your paid subscription from them. 

Monetize a newsletter paid blog
Use MemberSpace to add a paywall to your blog and restrict access to the public. When someone goes to view your blog posts, they will see a pop-up like this.

3. Write an eBook

Drafting an eBook is one of the best ways to repurpose the knowledge you’re already sharing with your newsletter subscribers. Pull together all of the research you’ve already done, interviews you’ve conducted, or whatever other high-value content you’ve created and consolidate it into a PDF guide to sell to your email list. 

4. Sell access to a private social media group 

Chances are, if you have an email list of subscribers interested in your niche, they’d be interested in chatting with other likeminded people about the same topic. Creating a private social media group or account for your email list or is a natural next step to building your online community. 

5. Host a private podcast for your subscribers 

This one may be a heavier lift, but if you have a dedicated following or strong list of newsletter subscribers, offering them a private podcast might be a perfect way to build your online community and earn some recurring revenue. 

Simply set up a paid podcast with MemberSpace and promote it to your email list. 

6. Add a forum to your website 

If you’d prefer to use your own website for discussions, consider adding a private forum and selling access to it. You can set this up easily with MemberSpace and Circle

Monetizing a newsletter forum
Use MemberSpace's Circle integration to add a forum and community functionality to your website.

7. Bundle your digital products and sell them as a content library

If you’ve created multiple digital products, one of the most effective ways to monetize them is bundling them as a content library. For example, this could include access to your newsletter, templates, and videos for a monthly fee. 

8. Host a paid webinar

Webinars are a great way to share your expertise and engage with your audience. To host a successful paid webinar, choose a topic that aligns with your newsletter. If you run a newsletter about personal finance, for example, you could host a webinar on “10 Proven Strategies to Eliminate Debt and Build Wealth” and sell access to your subscribers. 

9. Sell templates, checklists, or workbooks

Another way to repurpose your existing ideas is to create and sell digital downloads tailored to your audience’s needs. For example, if you have a newsletter for real estate agents, you could create social media or website templates that help realtors market their businesses, like the Ladies of Real Estate example below. 

Monetize a newsletter with templates
Ladies of Real Estate offers a library of templates for a monthly fee.

10. Offer 1:1 coaching or consulting sessions

If you have a wealth of knowledge and experience in your niche, offering one-on-one coaching or consulting sessions can be a profitable way to monetize your newsletter. If you run a newsletter about health and wellness, you could offer personalized nutrition coaching or fitness consultations. 

11. Host a group coaching program

If you don’t have the bandwidth or interest in taking 1:1 clients, hosting a group coaching program of some kind is another great option to monetize your expertise and guidance to your newsletter subscribers.

12. Create a course or workshop

Courses and workshops are a great way to package your expertise into a convenient and affordable format. To create an online course, break down your topic into bite-sized lessons and include things like videos, quizzes, and worksheets. 

13. Sell stock photos, graphics, or illustrations

If you have a talent for photography or graphic design consider creating a series of  assets that your subscribers can purchase and use in their own projects. If you run a newsletter about social media marketing, you could create a bundle of Instagram post graphics or Twitter header graphics.

Ek Stock Shop Monetize a newsletter
The EK Stock Shop sells stock photos and videos for a monthly fee.

14. Offer a done-for-you service, like social media management

Many of your subscribers may be interested in outsourcing tasks related to your niche. To offer a done-for-you service, create a simple service package that outlines your offerings and pricing. For example, if you run a newsletter about entrepreneurship, you could offer a social media management package that includes content creation, scheduling, and engagement for a monthly fee. 

The Social Broker Monetize a Newsletter
The Social Broker offers social media management services.

15. Teach a live virtual class

Sharing your expertise by teaching a live virtual class is a fun and interactive way to connect with your subscribers and potentially earn some extra income. Start by offering a free class to gauge interest, and if it’s a hit, consider selling tickets to future sessions.

16. Share industry reports and analysis

If you’re an expert in your field, sharing industry reports and analysis can be a valuable way to monetize your newsletter. Take inspiration from successful platforms like Worth Charting, which offers stock reports and analysis to its subscribers for a monthly fee. 

Worth Charting monetize a newsletter
Worth Charting is a paid newsletter that offers stock market advice.

17. Share a daily digest

Most newsletters are weekly at most, but if you’re in the entertainment or leisure industry, providing daily updates might be exactly what your subscribers are looking for. 

Check out The Richmond Experience below. They send subscribers multiple emails each week with a roundup of local events, news, and giveaways. 

The Richmond Experience Newsletter
The Richmond Experience is a paid newsletter that shares a roundup of local events and happenings in Richmond, Virginia.

18. Sell on-demand videos

On-demand videos are a popular and convenient way for your subscribers to learn new skills at their own pace. If you run a newsletter about cooking, you could create a series of on-demand videos that teach viewers how to master specific cooking techniques or recipes. 

19.  Create a lead magnet to get free subscribers

While this one is a precursor to monetizing your newsletter, it’s a super effective strategy for attracting the right subscribers. Create a simple guide, eBook, or mini course that targets your ideal customer and give it away for free as a lead magnet. Then, start promoting your paid offerings to those who sign up.

Monetize a newsletter lead magnet
Isabella Lankester Yoga offers a free eBook as a lead magnet when someone signs up on her website.

20. Add a virtual tip jar to your newsletter

While this one probably won’t pay for your bills, it is a fun strategy to engage with your community that’s been gaining popularity recently. Creators offer their followers the chance to buy them a coffee or leave them a tip with a link to donate a small amount of money to them, usually around $5 or $10. 

21. Offer sponsored content opportunities 

As your newsletter grows in popularity, you may attract the attention of brands or businesses looking to reach your audience. Offering sponsored content opportunities is a great way to monetize your newsletter. Just be sure to only partner with brands that align with your values and provide genuine value to your subscribers!

22. Sell merchandise to your subscribers

It seems like every creator has merch these days, and for good reason! If you have an established brand and loyal followers, creating and selling merchandise can be one of the most fun and rewarding ways to monetize your community of subscribers. You can start by doing a giveaway to gain attention around your branded products, then open up the opportunity for everyone to purchase. 

23. Explore affiliate opportunities

If you have a decent-sized email list or following on social media, you should be seriously considering affiliate partnerships as a way to monetize your newsletter. By partnering with brands you love, you can promote links to their products in your newsletters, blogs, and other content. Then, when your subscribers use your affiliate code or link, you’ll get a cut of the profit. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what your newsletter is about, there are tons of ways to start selling to your subscribers. To streamline the process of creating a paid newsletter or selling access to your digital products, consider using MemberSpace. With MemberSpace, you can easily set up paywalls, manage subscriptions, and deliver exclusive content to your paying subscribers. Try it free today!

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