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How to Create a Paid WhatsApp Community – 5 Steps to Monetize your Group Chat

WhatsApp is a great tool for creators, coaches, and membership business owners looking to offer a live chat to their online community. With features like sub-groups, announcement groups, polls, video calls, and file sharing, WhatsApp makes it easy to create a home for your members to interact with you and each other. 

However, one key feature WhatsApp lacks is the ability to create a paid community. That’s where MemberSpace comes in! By integrating MemberSpace with your WhatsApp community, you can:

  • Provide members with a secure, private group link
  • Charge for community access directly through your website
  • Securely manage payments

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Table of Contents

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp Community

Anyone can create a WhatsApp community – all you need to do is download the app for iOS or Android. Once you’ve got the app installed, you can also use WhatsApp on your desktop if you prefer. 

To create a WhatsApp community, open the app and click the Community tab at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Install MemberSpace on your website

Next, you’ll need to add MemberSpace to your website. Any CMS works! This will enable a signup/login area on your site so new members can pay to get access to your WhatsApp community. 

Install MemberSpace for paid Whatsapp group
To install MemberSpace, all you need to do is add a snippet of code. We have install instructions for each CMS, so you don't need technical experience to do this. It takes just a few minutes!

Step 3: Protect your WhatsApp community 

To ensure that only paying members get access to your private chat, you’ll need to set up a new Community in MemberSpace. Just add the name of your community and the URL, and then enable the Member Menu option, which will make your paid community link accessible via a floating button in the bottom right corner of your website. 

Whatsapp community link
You can protect your WhatsApp community link and provide it to new members by adding the link to MemberSpace.
Member Menu Whatsapp community
Once you've installed MemberSpace and added your Online Community, a Member Menu button will be activated in the bottom right corner of your website.

✨ Community Tip: At any point in the future, you can add more offerings to your membership community with MemberSpace, like coaching sessions, template libraries, or podcast episodes! Simply add your content to your website and add the URLs to your Online Community in MemberSpace. 

Step 4: Set a price for access to your WhatsApp community 

After protecting your community link, it’s time to set up your pricing! You can create one or multiple pricing tiers and charge customers a recurring subscription fee for ongoing access to your group. 
Whatsapp community pricing
MemberSpace integrates with Stripe for payment processing, making it easy and secure to accept payments on your website via credit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Step 5: Share your community with new members

Once a new member signs up for your WhatsApp community, you can send them the invite link. The easiest way to do this is to copy the invite link and send it via email or text. You can use MemberSpace to send an automated welcome message including the link that will get sent out as soon as someone signs up on your website. 

Whatsapp community link
WhatsApp offers a few different ways to invite/add members to your community.

Final Thoughts

Combining WhatsApp and MemberSpace is a great way to create an exclusive, valuable community experience for your members. Setting up a paid WhatsApp community is simple and straightforward, even if you don’t have technical experience. With just a few steps, you can start accepting payments, protecting your community link, and inviting new members to join your group. If you’re ready to get started, create a MemberSpace for free today

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