MemberSpace News: Spring 2024

ūüéČ New Features

Organize pages as products

The MemberSpace admin is now structured around products, which are comprised of specific protected pages on your website, or links on other websites (like a private social media group, a Zoom event link, or a template in another software, like Canva or Google Sheets).

Grouping multiple protected pages or links into a single product makes it easier to manage and sell your digital content.

Add external links to your Member Menu

With the introduction of products, you can now include external links in your Member Menu, helping you streamline your content navigation for your members. 

Add external links to other websites in your Member Menu

ūüí™ Enhancements

Member Button mobile enhancements

We made a few behind-the-scenes improvements to your floating Member Button. On mobile, your Member Button will now maintain the same width as desktop and the same position you set in your Look & Feel editor. This helps to prevent any other floating buttons or beacons on your website from being covered.

Signup and login form updates

We’ve made a few changes to improve your signup and login forms. Your customers are no longer asked to confirm their email address, which means fewer signup fields to help improve conversion rates. Additionally, the Create Account and login buttons are now full-width, and we’ve removed the “forgot email?” link to minimize confusion (though, members can still get help logging in to their accounts via the “forgot password?” link!).¬†

Improvements to the signup and login forms

ūüďö Membership business resources

Inspiration from thriving membership businesses

Meet three MemberSpace customers making an impact with digital products:

  • Jenni shares her proven movement techniques through virtual yoga classes and an online course.
  • Abagail helps small business owners become financially free and gain control of their personal lives.
  • The team at Birthing from Within provides support through educational resources for new and experienced birthing professionals.

Check out the interviews for their secrets to success!

Creative ways to earn money online

MemberSpace customers monetize their expertise with digital products in many ways! Learn how to start a paid book club, publish serial fiction, sell Canva templates, teach music lessons online, or start an online running club.

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