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Membership Success Story: Birthing from Within

Membership type: Content library, Online course, Community, Events, Member directory, Digital downloads
Built with: Squarespace + MemberSpace
Established: 1998

Birthing from Within prepares parents for childbirth and assists new and experienced birth professionals with valuable educational resources via various digital products.

Birthing from Within is a vibrant membership designed exclusively for birthing professionals. Their extensive resource hub offers a range of educational materials, including a content library, online courses, a private community forum, events, a member directory, and more.

Get the details on Birthing from Within’s journey to success and uncover behind-the-scenes strategies that have helped them thrive!

birthing from within membership with digital products
Birthing from Within provides educational resources for new and experienced birthing professionals.
birthing from within member directory for birth professionals
As a member, birth professionals are listed in a member directory available to parents looking for an expert.

Meet the team

The Birthing from Within team includes multiple leaders and trainers. Before launching their online digital resources, they were focused on hosting in-person live courses and retreats.

Now, they work together to provide birth workers with skills and techniques to support growing families!

birthing from within team photo of birth professionals

We offer various free "intro" workshops to give potential customers a taste of our style and philosophy.

Membership Q & A

What is the pain point you solve for your customers?

We provide an alternative to mainstream approaches to perinatal support and birth worker education.

What were you doing before your membership business?

Offering in-person live courses and retreats.

What challenges did you have in the early stages of your business? How did you solve those challenges?

Creating standardized processes and procedures in a business whose customer base requires flexibility. We have had to craft much more detailed and thoughtful policies and find ways to communicate them clearly to our customers.

Were there any keys to success or big "a-ha!" moments that really elevated the growth of your business?

Realizing we could use memberships to offer our online courses on our own website rather than being forced to use a Learning Management System (LMS).

💡 Membership Tip
Hosting digital products on your own website gives you complete control over your content — including the layout, design, member journey, and more!

online courses on custom website
Birthing from Within hosts various online courses directly on their website.
Here’s an inside look at one course with various modules. Customers can view the different courses to which they have access via the Member Menu.

Did you have a social media following or large email list before you started your membership? Which platform(s) was your audience on, and how did you initially grow your audience there?

Yes, Instagram. We’ve grown our audience by posting sharable content and having a distinct voice.

💡 Membership Tip
Posting shareable, valuable content on social media can boost your business by word of mouth, while establishing a distinctive voice helps to set your brand apart from the crowd.

How do you market your membership and find new members?

We market via Instagram and other social media, as well as including a free year of membership with enrollment in some of our larger programs. We also offer various free “intro” workshops to give potential customers a taste of our style and philosophy.

💡 Membership Tip
Free events can be an effective way to introduce new people to your business and start building trust with them. If they enjoy the event, it’s possible they’ll leave wanting more!

Do you spend any money on paid advertisements? If so, which platform(s) do you advertise on?

Yes. Instagram and Facebook have been useful channels for finding new members.

Have you done anything to focus on retention and reduce canceled members?

We are continuously adding member benefits and soliciting feedback.

💡 Membership Tip
Adding additional benefits to your membership is a great way to continue adding value for your members over time.

What are some of your favorite online tools for running your business?

Trello, Canva, and Circle

custom website buttons open branded MemberSpace signup forms
Custom registration buttons on the website are linked to branded signup forms powered by MemberSpace.

What's your source of inspiration?

The book that began our company: Birthing from Within

If you could give your younger self any advice, what would it be?

Good enough and completed is better than perfect and unfinished.

What's next for your business?

More in-person events and parent resources.

Good enough and completed is better than perfect and unfinished.

Membership Business Takeaways

  • Selling your digital products from your own website empowers you to take complete control of your content. Set up your customer journey in a way that best suits your audience, and design everything to showcase your unique brand!
  • Crafting content that encourages sharing can organically increase your business’s visibility. Developing a unique voice helps your brand stand out among the competition.
  • Hosting complimentary events can be an impactful way to acquaint new people with your business and begin establishing trust. Once they experience what you have to offer first-hand, there’s a chance they’ll be eager for more!
  • Adding additional perks to your membership shows your commitment to customer satisfaction and can be helpful for growing your pricing (and revenue!) over time.

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