Feature Updates #73

New Features

  • MemberSpace is now available on WordPress! If you’re interested in migrating to MemberSpace from an existing plugin just contact our support team (chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen) and they will help you with the migration for free!
  • We now have a Status Page so you can easily see if there is a current issue or planned maintenance. You can even subscribe to be notified via email proactively when something happens. 🚨🛠🚨 MemberSpace will be down for scheduled maintenance on Saturday February 22nd from 3 to 4am ET. Learn more by visiting our Status Page and scrolling down.


  • We no longer have a direct phone number, instead we recommend folks join our live support hours with Ward our CEO. We’ve found these Zoom calls to be much more effective for everyone compared to traditional phone calls.

Bug Fixes

  • We’re still working on resolving some lingering Safari login issues. The fix we’ll be implementing will not only resolve this, but also speed up every interaction for your members as well! In the meantime, we recommend you setup a white-labeled domain (no extra charge). Setting this up will immediately fix any Safari login issues for your members 👍.
  • Now when you void an invoice (in Stripe) for a multiple payment plan we act as if the payment was made by increasing the amount of payments made just as we would do if the payment was actually made by the user.
  • You can no longer edit the “Number of Payments” for a multiple payment plan if you have members currently on the plan. This will prevent a billing issue from occurring.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect text was outputting in the “Plan Expiring Soon” email in some rare cases.