Feature Updates #79

New Features

  • You can now invite and manage multiple admins per site you’ve connected with MemberSpace! No more sharing your login with your team 🙂 Read our guide for more details.


  • You can now add cents (e.g. $99.99) to your sign up fees for Member Plans.
  • Whenever you manually invite a member (or admin) they will now need to create their own password when they initially log in (instead of us issuing them one in your Invite Email). We recommend you reset your Invite Email in MemberSpace in order to pull in the new wording that we’ve adjusted there.
  • We now require you be on a current MemberSpace plan in order to connect new websites to your account. We’re also changing the limit so that after you’ve connected two sites, the third (and any others) will cost $20/mo each. You’ll see a reminder notification when you connect a new site. Here are more details.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed password reset issue that sometimes occurred in Outlook/Hotmail accounts.
  • Now when you delete a customer within your Stripe account, we will remove our reference to them so the member will lose their charge history and billing details so you won’t see any errors. However, we’ll also log an event that will display in the member details section so you’ll be aware.

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